Where Else Can I Go To Promote My Music?

If you’re a musician, where else would you go to get people to listen to your music and record number plays…

And get paid if you choose?

Well, as of 1PM today, my songs have recieved almost 140 plays and 160 views… This is daily… As of date, over a million views downloads and plays of my music. All in one place.

Number One Music is the best platform for artists in search of branding themselves and promoting themselves and their music. Plus its free…

However, as I stated earlier, you csn get paid buy selling your music if you choose. I don’t, my music is free to download.

But if I want, I can upgrade my n1m account to the pro-status, then, if I want to, I can sell my music when, where and to whom I choose appropriate. Right there… On my dashboard… Is that a plus or what?

You can do it too!!!

Just sign-up and create your account, simple right?


Why I say wrong, you’ll have to see for yourself.

No I’m not telling…

What I WILL tell you is that it takes work on Your part…

…and you too must participate in the promotion processes…

But It Works!

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You can sign up here: Number One Music (N1M)/
Photo Courtesy: Screenshot of my email

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