“What Would You Do With $10,000?

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We are really excited that you have chosen to subscribe to, be a follower of or to be a member of Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC.

We are grateful that you love music!

We try to support new artists and their music and enjoy sharing to our fans, because its what they would listen to and that they enjoy.

We are hoping that this year, 2020, brings you lots of awesome success in whatever opportunities that get presented to you!

We are wishing that you gain prosperity as a reward!

Speaking of reward…

We are also excited to further announce that Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC wwcfam.com, is conducting a $10,000 Best New Song of 2020 Music Contest in June 2020 for the unheard artists around the world!🌎

If challenging yourself for 2020 is among Your goals, enter!

The winner gets $10,000 and a bunch of other great perks to help them with their music career.

“WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH $10,000” ???

Many new artists struggle to keep their music interests afloat. Most put their last and their all into their musical productions. The problem is, they rarely get noticed.

We want to fix that by working together to uplift one dynamic person at a time in this unique setting.

The entrance fee is $250 per applicant or singing group, collaborations are more than welcome!

There are 6 months from today that you have to Prepare for this Challenge and 6 month to decide on what WOULD you do with $10,000?

A chance to change someone’s life…

It’s a chance to change someone’s life by. presenting them with an opportunity to showcase exactly how talented they are at being a recording artist, lyricist or musician.

Moreover, a unique chance at fulfilling their dreams as a recording artist, by giving them the financial means to do what they need done to keep them working on furthering their own successes rather than to quit.

More about this contest!!!

The final day for entries is on June 15th.

The contest will be held on June 20th, and will continue until July 4th.

In which, Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC will broadcast the live musical playlists of entrants that have submitted their music in a timely manner that have met the requirements given in the advertisements and contest invitation.

Furthermore, there are also opportunities for sponsors!!!

If you’re a business and would like to be a part of this excellent opportunity for your business/brand marketed on our Independent Channels and to reach a “different” audience with your product or service, you can get involved too!

Your advertisements, product or service can be broadcasted to a unique audience of over 500k eager young viewers and listeners!

In the weeks leading up to and Before the contest, during the contest and for one week after the contest, (certain restrictions apply).

For Sponsors, Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC.

In other words, sponsors have a chance for their…

A. Product or brand to be Mentioned and/or broadcasted, (Business would be required to send a product sample to Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC for display during broadcast.)

B. Recommended or broadcast, (Business name and address plus up to three locations mentioned during, (intervals), broadcast.)

Please Note:

There are two sponsorship tiers.

The fees vary depending on the number (#) of times (xs.) the business name or brand is mentioned during the broadcast.

It would determine the sponsorship costs.

Its a WIN WIN WIN for Everyone, Everywhere and in Everything!

Check out the fliers below for more information on How To Enter?

For more information on how businesses can be a part of this, please call 313-471-1383We look forward to a productive new year!Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC. Send mp3 to;Wwcfamcompetition@gmail.comWe Are Everyone, Everywhere, doing Everything

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