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Imagine This Small Business Plan Idea💡

Making a website that sells lyrics. How would you go about doing that?

This article will tell you how to get those creative juices flowing.

I designed an activity that can help me generate new and better ideas.
The following post will show you just how easy it is to curate original content for your website.

Here is an example that can be easily replicated to fit almost any business.

Lets Get Right In To It Shall We!

I made up a website called Linda’s Lyrics…

My next step was defining it…

What is a “Linda’s lyrics?
What do I want it to Represent?

Linda’s Lyrics, which in spanish is translated into Pretty Lyrics or Beautiful Lyrics….
They are custom-made placards imprinted with a special type of poetry… or lyric.

Linda’s Lyrics are made for anyone!

Your loved one, your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, your crew, even co-workers, boss, brother, sister or father, student, teacher or whoever you want to say to them or want them to know.

What do they look like?

As we said before, Linda’s Lyrics are custom-made so you get the message imprinted on the surface of your choosing. Canvas, paper, copper, wood, silver, gold, etc. It will be your poetry/lyrics etc.

Whatever you want to tell the people you would give these too. They can be as personal as you want to get or as serious, funny or as far-fetched as you want it to be. Or about any topic you would want your Linda’s Lyric to be about. Whatever you want to say, no holds barred.

Definitely leaving your legacy. Imagine the person you give one of these to, with your gift in hand…

Maybe even close to their chest in a warm embrace…

Perhaps even proudly displaying your Linda’s Lyric on their mantel or between framed photos of family, friends and awards or achievements as a conversation piece?

You will be remembered for your Linda’s Lyric Verse for sure. Writing about how you feel about your life, your world, your love? Even your “bae”, “boo” or “bitch”…

It’s your verse…

Guaranteed to either shock a person its given to, can make you and them proud, make you and them laugh or maybe even cry… Or both!

Its how you felt at the time, imprinted to make Your statement to the world or whoever you want to make that statement to.

When its given, you should feel like it doesn’t matter how long it is because Linda’s Lyrics covered it.

but that averages just one full placard is 12inches long or tall, depending on how you see it.

Linda’s Lyric is a gift-card that contains original poetry because its exactly what you want to say.

However, it’s not poetry it’s a rap lyric or verse.

They are embedded onto preferably a material that can endure harsh environments yet not be appalling to the eye. Materials such as copper or spare wood are great choices but wood may not be the better option because of environmental factors. It may become scarce in the future and we want to make something that could last three lifetimes. Whichever option is cheapest and better for the environment we would consider.

If engraved onto wood or onto gold or silver or whatever a Linda’s Lyric is printed, and once you receive your Linda’s Lyric, you could give it to a family member, friends, Associates or acquaintances. You could give them during Christmas, as a birthday present even a graduation gift.

The best thing about a Linda’s Lyric is you don’t have to come up with the lyric.

The lyrics are developed through a series of questions asked during the application process.

A Linda’s Lyric is a C.E.L.L.

Custom Engraved Long Lyric

It’s two to three versus per gift-card.

Each verse consists of 16 lines.

The person that you’re giving this gift to will have their own rap.

They will have their own personal song that says, “I’ll Remember You”.

A keepsake for them that says “I Care” or “Your One Of A Kind” is not enough.

That fact that you have to have something to say in order to get make an impact in peoples lives surpasses what a person does with their life. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say it… Let a Linda’s Lyric say it for you.

The kind of person that would buy such a thing has something to say that they can’t say in normal worlds so putting thoughts and feelings to Written Lyrical Word take the stress out of communication.

How do we come up with custom Lyrics?

A few questions is all it takes.

12 simple questions, that are general in nature and reflect a person’s psychological and emotional state of being.

From that information, a rap song is created.

Questions should be asked in order for that to happen… Personal questions too.

We have plans to expand our services to include the option of a person to write their own lyrics and have them engraved.

However, at thus time, during the development phase hat option is presently not available. Nevertheless, we may consider it a very viable option in the near future.

Customer Experience

Customers sign-up.

Upon registering a series of questions will pop up, like a survey.

On the screen it would ask for general information such as; yourname,your address,telephone number, and who your Linda’s Lyric is for, whether they are male or female, their age, (if know), birthday, etc., you know… the basics!Whether you’remale or female makes no difference. 

There will be six (6) difficult or personal questions.

For example; What do you know about such-and-such that you want them to know that you know?

Or What do you know about Cindy? What do you want her to know?

Even What is your pet peeve about bottles what is it that you love about Fred or Susan that you have not been able to tell them. Write it down they say…

You’re going to do more than just write it down… Lest Ye Forget

We will turn it into a rap song…

Three(3)-verses of 16-lines or two(2)-verses with eight(8)-lines. The placard embedded with custom lyrics on platinum, copper, even wood or painted on canvas or even framed and written on gold lined or silver lined paper is special to the receiver.

With a Linda’s Lyric, you really don’t know what you’re going to get… That’s the surprise… But its guaranteed to make a statement.

Writing lyrics out converting feelings, opinions and congratulations into rap songs is a challenge. Especially, when its one individual that those lyrics are meant for.

Therefore, we are not responsible for how the person that you give a Linda’s Lyric to would respond.  We only hope these help people to convey their unspoken words or messages to those They Love… Or Hate… Or Love to Hate.


I could go on and on but since this isn’t a reality yet I leave it up to you to decide whether or not it can be.

I’m sure that you would all agree that I put a lot of thought into this.
I pretty much did.

People, just remember that this post is just an idea…
Just something that I’ve thought about doing myself.
Yes… I Am speaking about myself in the duality of person like the Queen Linda We Are.

If you enjoyed this read, come back for more!