There Once Was A People Called Human – A COVID-19 Awareness Story

Once upon a time there was a people called human. They were put on the planet to be happy. They were so beautiful and seemed to blossom and prospered at everything they set out to do. They lived everywhere.

Every now and then bad things would happen. The people sometimes couldn’t get along. Sometimes hurting each other for sport or worse killing each other.

But the people continued to try and be happy. Then one day people found out that they can communicate and live, work, grow and be free to live as a people regardless of who or where they were.

Also, to be successful at being happy became the norm for many of them.

One day Fate decided to shake things up a little saying;

” I tried to separate them. Make them hate each other. Make them kill one another. Make them feel jealous. Make them lust. Make them greedy. Make them cold. Make them miserable and they always seem to bounce back to be happy.” He thought.

Then went to his cabinet filled with hate, anger, deceit and disease. Saw a specimen that he was saving for the The Greatest test Of All to see if humanity is as strong as the universe.

Stepped down, then released it into the world to infect and depopulate the world of its elder and weaker living humans leaving it’s poisonous venom, the fear of it’s arrival and death in its wake, to spread across the land.

In the early days the people were not as concerned as they’d ought to be. So they were not preparing for hardships to come.

They were more or less were in the processes of daily life such as going to school to learn, working or seeking work, beautify and elevating themselves, getting that dolla, and grinding or on their grind… Because this is what made them happy.

As the clock wound down and it was becoming clear that Fate was tired of the bull shit and was fed up and angry at the people… People in general…

As they would be walking around going about their business to and fro.
The people continued to live happily.

Until one day they realized that the damage that the poisonous venom had actually done was severe and they became astonished at the death rate and contamination rate. They became fearful of it’s impending rampage across the land.

They became so fearful and desperate that some of the people panicked and bought all of the toilet paper that they thought they needed in the event of ever running out as though they would not be able to take showers and toilet paper was at the top of the list of emergency apocalypse event supplies. So it was the most logical thing to get at the time. Although later on some of the people, perhaps imagined that they could think of one hundred other things to buy in the event of an emergency.

But no matter…
As time passed, it became ever so clear that stocking up on toilet paper was not the answer.

In fact it was as simple as the separation of the people and to institute a more aggressive way of keeping yourself clean from contamination.

Which meant showers… Also, frequently washing hands.

Seclusion became a solution for some and quarantine for others. All of the people were affected in many different ways but one thing for certain was everyone suffered.

As to the Fate of those who contracted the disease? Some died quickly, while others died from the lasting effects of the disease and lingered a little longer. Others were somehow able to recover.

People were out of work. They stopped trying to elevate and beautify themselves. They couldn’t go out to make that dolla and because of seclusion and country wide quarantine, instead of grinding to get things done, everyone and everything was grounded to a halt for a time.

The people were totally unprepared for such a devastation that they had no cure readily available. They were first told stay home for a few days…a few days became a month… A month became a year… A year became two…until finally their utopian world human society was crippled beyond repair because people were no longer allowed to come in contact with each other again… Everything had to be done remotely.

The leaders of the countries of the world tried their best and worked very hard on making a way that the people could one day begin to be social and get back to work, school or their grind again.

The people hoped for a time when their children can go back to school or that they can go back to work, stores were open and that good friends can have fun together again. But that time never came.

Before long… There were only a few people who developed immunity or who were inoculated that were left to rebuild after it all ended. Which was almost as quickly as it began but not quick enough to save billions of lives.

The moral of the story is that this is a story…


“Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

This story is filled with mixed-truths and fiction… Also the possibility of what could happen. Furthermore, its far-fetched and the ideologies contained within. There’s a bit of sarcasm and irony too, but there is a frightening truth to it too as well as we, my family and I, along with everyone in the city are presently are experiencing the affects of being on quarantine here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are facing the possibility of world annihilation from COVID-19. A vicious virus… if a vaccine, inoculation or cure is not developed soon, very soon.

If there is anything I can do I would do it… Other than being a ginnie pig for experimental purposes… Now That I won’t do. But share a message? I can.

Contact #CDCFor more information on what you can do to help eliminate the possibility of contracting and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is a Public Service Announcement.

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