There Once Was A People Called Human – A COVID-19 Awareness Story

Once upon a time there was a people called human. They were put on the planet to be happy. They were so beautiful and seemed to blossom and prospered at everything they set out to do. They lived everywhere.

Every now and then bad things would happen. The people sometimes couldn’t get along. Sometimes hurting each other for sport or worse killing each other.

But the people continued to try and be happy. Then one day people found out that they can communicate and live, work, grow and be free to live as a people regardless of who or where they were.

Also, to be successful at being happy became the norm for many of them.

One day Fate decided to shake things up a little saying;

” I tried to separate them. Make them hate each other. Make them kill one another. Make them feel jealous. Make them lust. Make them greedy. Make them cold. Make them miserable and they always seem to bounce back to be happy.” He thought.

Then went to his cabinet filled with hate, anger, deceit and disease. Saw a specimen that he was saving for the The Greatest test Of All to see if humanity is as strong as the universe.

Stepped down, then released it into the world to infect and depopulate the world of its elder and weaker living humans leaving it’s poisonous venom, the fear of it’s arrival and death in its wake, to spread across the land.

In the early days the people were not as concerned as they’d ought to be. So they were not preparing for hardships to come.

They were more or less were in the processes of daily life such as going to school to learn, working or seeking work, beautify and elevating themselves, getting that dolla, and grinding or on their grind… Because this is what made them happy.

As the clock wound down and it was becoming clear that Fate was tired of the bull shit and was fed up and angry at the people… People in general…

As they would be walking around going about their business to and fro.
The people continued to live happily.

Until one day they realized that the damage that the poisonous venom had actually done was severe and they became astonished at the death rate and contamination rate. They became fearful of it’s impending rampage across the land.

They became so fearful and desperate that some of the people panicked and bought all of the toilet paper that they thought they needed in the event of ever running out as though they would not be able to take showers and toilet paper was at the top of the list of emergency apocalypse event supplies. So it was the most logical thing to get at the time. Although later on some of the people, perhaps imagined that they could think of one hundred other things to buy in the event of an emergency.

But no matter…
As time passed, it became ever so clear that stocking up on toilet paper was not the answer.

In fact it was as simple as the separation of the people and to institute a more aggressive way of keeping yourself clean from contamination.

Which meant showers… Also, frequently washing hands.

Seclusion became a solution for some and quarantine for others. All of the people were affected in many different ways but one thing for certain was everyone suffered.

As to the Fate of those who contracted the disease? Some died quickly, while others died from the lasting effects of the disease and lingered a little longer. Others were somehow able to recover.

People were out of work. They stopped trying to elevate and beautify themselves. They couldn’t go out to make that dolla and because of seclusion and country wide quarantine, instead of grinding to get things done, everyone and everything was grounded to a halt for a time.

The people were totally unprepared for such a devastation that they had no cure readily available. They were first told stay home for a few days…a few days became a month… A month became a year… A year became two…until finally their utopian world human society was crippled beyond repair because people were no longer allowed to come in contact with each other again… Everything had to be done remotely.

The leaders of the countries of the world tried their best and worked very hard on making a way that the people could one day begin to be social and get back to work, school or their grind again.

The people hoped for a time when their children can go back to school or that they can go back to work, stores were open and that good friends can have fun together again. But that time never came.

Before long… There were only a few people who developed immunity or who were inoculated that were left to rebuild after it all ended. Which was almost as quickly as it began but not quick enough to save billions of lives.

The moral of the story is that this is a story…


“Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

This story is filled with mixed-truths and fiction… Also the possibility of what could happen. Furthermore, its far-fetched and the ideologies contained within. There’s a bit of sarcasm and irony too, but there is a frightening truth to it too as well as we, my family and I, along with everyone in the city are presently are experiencing the affects of being on quarantine here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We are facing the possibility of world annihilation from COVID-19. A vicious virus… if a vaccine, inoculation or cure is not developed soon, very soon.

If there is anything I can do I would do it… Other than being a ginnie pig for experimental purposes… Now That I won’t do. But share a message? I can.

Contact #CDCFor more information on what you can do to help eliminate the possibility of contracting and helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is a Public Service Announcement.


“What Would You Do With $10,000?

Greetings and Salutations!

Hey All!

We are really excited that you have chosen to subscribe to, be a follower of or to be a member of Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC.

We are grateful that you love music!

We try to support new artists and their music and enjoy sharing to our fans, because its what they would listen to and that they enjoy.

We are hoping that this year, 2020, brings you lots of awesome success in whatever opportunities that get presented to you!

We are wishing that you gain prosperity as a reward!

Speaking of reward…

We are also excited to further announce that Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC wwcfam.com, is conducting a $10,000 Best New Song of 2020 Music Contest in June 2020 for the unheard artists around the world!🌎

If challenging yourself for 2020 is among Your goals, enter!

The winner gets $10,000 and a bunch of other great perks to help them with their music career.

“WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH $10,000” ???

Many new artists struggle to keep their music interests afloat. Most put their last and their all into their musical productions. The problem is, they rarely get noticed.

We want to fix that by working together to uplift one dynamic person at a time in this unique setting.

The entrance fee is $250 per applicant or singing group, collaborations are more than welcome!

There are 6 months from today that you have to Prepare for this Challenge and 6 month to decide on what WOULD you do with $10,000?

A chance to change someone’s life…

It’s a chance to change someone’s life by. presenting them with an opportunity to showcase exactly how talented they are at being a recording artist, lyricist or musician.

Moreover, a unique chance at fulfilling their dreams as a recording artist, by giving them the financial means to do what they need done to keep them working on furthering their own successes rather than to quit.

More about this contest!!!

The final day for entries is on June 15th.

The contest will be held on June 20th, and will continue until July 4th.

In which, Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC will broadcast the live musical playlists of entrants that have submitted their music in a timely manner that have met the requirements given in the advertisements and contest invitation.

Furthermore, there are also opportunities for sponsors!!!

If you’re a business and would like to be a part of this excellent opportunity for your business/brand marketed on our Independent Channels and to reach a “different” audience with your product or service, you can get involved too!

Your advertisements, product or service can be broadcasted to a unique audience of over 500k eager young viewers and listeners!

In the weeks leading up to and Before the contest, during the contest and for one week after the contest, (certain restrictions apply).

For Sponsors, Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC.

In other words, sponsors have a chance for their…

A. Product or brand to be Mentioned and/or broadcasted, (Business would be required to send a product sample to Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC for display during broadcast.)

B. Recommended or broadcast, (Business name and address plus up to three locations mentioned during, (intervals), broadcast.)

Please Note:

There are two sponsorship tiers.

The fees vary depending on the number (#) of times (xs.) the business name or brand is mentioned during the broadcast.

It would determine the sponsorship costs.

Its a WIN WIN WIN for Everyone, Everywhere and in Everything!

Check out the fliers below for more information on How To Enter?

For more information on how businesses can be a part of this, please call 313-471-1383We look forward to a productive new year!Worldwide Collaboration Family LLC. Send mp3 to;Wwcfamcompetition@gmail.comWe Are Everyone, Everywhere, doing Everything

Now What If This Was Real???

Would You Be Interested???


Are You Getting The Best Responses From Your Facebook Pages? I Am, You Can Too!

So you created a Facebook page, now what?

People the world over have been using Facebook for a little over a decade now and the options keep growing on ways to grow, promote and scale your business…but it won’t stop there.

People need to think of other ways to adjust to rapid changes or they need to keep up with the rapid changes, nevertheless somehow. Nevertheless, change must occur.

Will you be able to make those neccessary changes that will occur, in time?

Can you change your business interest? Can you change your niche and other internal practices?

Are you struggling to keep up with, manage social media or have the right content for your social media pages?

If not, you may have the wrong niche or need to change your marketing strategy.

I am sharing my method of growing and scaling…

Mind you…

I don’t have a name for it and it is still in its experimental stage also, I haven’t even begun to utilize the page to create an income. Which will come if my theory is correct.

First, I think I need to explain a few things first so let me explain…

I joined Facebook in 2009, right after MySpace’s initial launch in 2007 or 2008, I can’t remember.

Since then, I have created 3 main profiles, (the 3rd I’m pressently utilizing).

My current main profile, is the result of a few years of social media mamagement experience.

It is the profile that was created after learning from trial and error, the ins and outs of social media management.

As of today, I have created 27 Facebook Pages and I am successfully managing pages that are gaining traction, ( in which the activity is increasing), has increased and will increase based on the analytics that Facebook provides.

From all this, I have learned these five principals.

1. How to manage social media profiles.

2. How to gain follwers.

3. How to retain follwers.

4. What content is highly valued by viewers.

5. What to post or share and what people, in general want to see in their feed.

Not so much as when to post as most content will be seen by your followers and their friends, from them sharing to their friends and so on…

Like a chain reaction if you will, regardless of how many times you post per day…

Once or twice a week is enough…

Even once every other week, if you have the right content, (doesn’t have to be your own), just has to be what people, (in general), want to see…

So far, my findings are this…

I have found out that one thing is for certain, humour, will Always rate high, because in general, people want to laugh.

They would rather see content that makes them laugh, rather than cry or get angry. The numbers are staggering!

Check this out.

This is a screenshot of the back office on my Facebook Pages Manager.

It lists a few of the pages that I created and the number of views, Likes, or comments combined.

They are automatically listed and based in accordance to current activity.

As you can notice, right off the bat, is that the page with the most activity,(Stupid Funny Awesome Quotes), is obviously doing exceptionally well.

These numbers tell me that without a doubt, people love laughing.

They would prefer that you, (content creators, ect.), make content that would make them laugh versus make the amgry or cry.

For example, my page Fake Friends 411, a page that addresses the fact that there are fake-a** people in the world.

Addresses lousy friends and what some people may be thinking or feeling when it comes to coping with these types of people and so-called friends.

It’s trailing off in a great distance…

If this were a race, (in a way it is), Fake Friends 411 page has already lost.

These analytics alone tell me this.

Yes, people suck…

Yes, we do have lots of people that are close to us that eventually disappoint or disturb our peace of mind…

But that isn’t the problem with the world…

We can deal with fake friends…

The bottom line is that we All would prefer to laugh at or with our situations or at those awkward moments of. Our self or others, rather than cry or get angry at them.

In comparison, my page Feng Shui For The Internet has 29 new on its activity…

I rarely visit this page to manage it or to post new content. It’s been a while…

Yet it too is beginning to gain views…

Maybe one of you geniuses reading this report can shed some light on this for me? Because I am stumped on this.

Mi Gorda Entertainment Editorial Services is also gaining traction…

I haven’t written any music reviews for anyone recently. However, I do get many inquiries into my editorial services.

These are the current activities the remaining other Facebook pages… But lets not look at these.

Lets focus on the first screenshot… You know the one with the 1017 new notices on activity.

Look at these incredible analytics for this pages niche.

Stupid Funny Awesome Quotes




This has to mean something right?

I don’t have a website yet, can you imagine if I did?

You may ask why haven’t I begun utilizing this information to make a living for my answer is simple.

I’m not a comedian. But I do know humour and humourous situations when I see them.

Also, I do know that what might make me laugh, will most-likely make others laugh…

Its like the saying goes;

” Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you.” Or, “Cry and you cry alone.”,

comes from and is a prime example.

My Audience is vast…

All races, creeds, etc.

Everyone is excited for some humour.

There has to be something that I can do with this information. Isn’t there?

Can I make money with this?

Afterall, I can’t just be on Facebook and not earn something for my hard work?

I’m here to tell you that making money is NOT the purpose of life.

The purpose of life is to be happy, and if making money makes you happy, you should figure out a way to make money, be happy and make others happy at the same time.

I wish this were true.

The fact is it would be difficult to make money from this information without money to invest in the proper angle of marketing this niche… Humour that is.

I have a few options, however…

A. I can create a website… But my content would have to be original. Or I will violate certain content rules.

B. I could sell my page… Let someone else with more creativity juice flowing take over and make it blossom.

C. I could continue as I have been keep the page and share the humour of others…

There are so many choices but which do I choose?

All I know is that when an opportunity presents itself, one should at least try to make something out of it or share it with others.

This blog for instance. I don’t own the domain…

If I did, I can place advertisments, recruit for the many opportunities that I am involved with.

Or simply just write about my experiences or review products or write music reviews.

Whatever I choose to do, I know that I can’t afford any mistakes this far in my life and sharing my findings may or may not be a mistake.

Although it may be too late though.

What I can offer is some advice based on my experiences

1. Re-design your webpages and websites. Add some humour… A LOT of humour…

A joke, a funny story, a funny quote, ect. Make sure that it has something to do with your niche however, but is not neccessary.

Just remember that if it makes you laughb chances are that it will make your visitors laugh too.

If they are laughing, they will be more inclined to re-visit and perhaps make a purchase or two n the future. Just make them laugh!

2. Your page or pages should help people… Making people laugh is helping. Laughter is Excellent Natural ReRemedy for anxiety and a cure for depression.

By adding humour to your page, you are not only helping yourself but are contribu to make more happy people.

Just try it! Watch your numbers grow!

If you enjoyed this read, please feel free to leave your questions. Or leave a comment about your experiences with your pages.

Talk about whether or not you agree or disagree with anything written in this blog.

I will be sure to state my case if any.

Do you have trouble getting followers? Perhaps I can help!

Do you need help managing your page or profiles/profile? I might be able to help with that too!

Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time out of yoursbusy schedule to read this post. I appreciate each and every one of you!


Where Else Can I Go To Promote My Music?

If you’re a musician, where else would you go to get people to listen to your music and record number plays…

And get paid if you choose?

Well, as of 1PM today, my songs have recieved almost 140 plays and 160 views… This is daily… As of date, over a million views downloads and plays of my music. All in one place.

Number One Music is the best platform for artists in search of branding themselves and promoting themselves and their music. Plus its free…

However, as I stated earlier, you csn get paid buy selling your music if you choose. I don’t, my music is free to download.

But if I want, I can upgrade my n1m account to the pro-status, then, if I want to, I can sell my music when, where and to whom I choose appropriate. Right there… On my dashboard… Is that a plus or what?

You can do it too!!!

Just sign-up and create your account, simple right?


Why I say wrong, you’ll have to see for yourself.

No I’m not telling…

What I WILL tell you is that it takes work on Your part…

…and you too must participate in the promotion processes…

But It Works!

#musician #shortarticle #endyearadvice #2020planning #staypositive #record #branding #brand #promotions #selfpromo

You can sign up here: Number One Music (N1M)/
Photo Courtesy: Screenshot of my email


Whats The Point of Looking Back?


Good morning people! There is nothing like a good read…

I know that we all have lots to share. Our own creations, ideas and thoughts put into reality often flow when no one is around to watch and enjoy along with us as we make progressive moves and face our unknown futures.

Nevertheless, in a world where communication is no longer a problem people tend to forget to give their support and appreciation for such fine ideas and offer a simple courtesy of following the blog, webpage, site or location from which that awesome content, that was just so invigoratingly brilliant…

But not awesome enough to follow…

Its amost as though they presume that the article piece or webpage won’t provide any more valued information as it did when you first browsed the site, so why follow it?

With the numerous amount of social media sharing tools available to us today, its hard to figure out why writers are not getting the props they deserve for what they thought was their very hard work.

A few things to consider…

Number one, there is no limitation cap on the amount of social media accounts, webpage or blogs that you can manage to keep track of and not neglect.

Number two, the awesome point of success cannot be reached on its own.
People are realizing that they can do the very same thing that everyone else does…

Writing awesome essays, blogging, research comparisons, surveys, affiliate networks, best holiday/vacation ideas, even writing articles on ‘expressions of gratitude’ are ‘killing it’ in the ‘make money from your blog industry’.

There’s no telling what interests people in general nowadays so there actually are innumerable amounts of ideas that one can design to get the masses to follow them.

Thirdly, People tend to give up without support when support can come in all unlikely forms both abstract and physical. The idea is to maintain the interest of your readers…

In order to get them to follow you. If your ideas are truthful… Which is the REAL key to success, you won’t have to work so hard to get consumers to buy your goods or to generally wait for you to contribute to their daily life with something thats interesting to them.

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with following back. You may consider a lot of spam and other such nonsense may or may not be the result of your following back.

You just have to pay attention to the writers main point of view, follow only articles, websites or blogs that can be helpful to your present state as well as beneficial to you or your family and finally, that truly interest you.

Saturday Morning Thoughts



Do you remember how you felt in 2015?
Could you???

If you were given a photo of yourself from 5 years ago could you remember what you felt like? who was with you or nearby? What you were doing or what you were planning? How about what was cooking or even if you ate that day? Chances are… probably not.

Our brains are designed to implement one action at a time. We can only perform at our best performances one thing at a a time. Sometimes we cut it close by multitasking but that rarely ends well. Because there is an opposing reaction to each action that mostly everyone fails to accept.

That reaction is usually confusion. We get tripped up if we try to recall certain instances from our past if we try remembering or reliving it.

We must remember that we are a forward progressing species and what ever steps that we take in the forward movement of ourselves is for our own benefit and looking backwards while moving forward is against all natural orders which would result in certain failures.

So whats the point of looking back antway?

The purpose of looking backwards is for the sole purpose of actually seeing how far you have progressed.

Saturday Afternoon Thoughts!

I wonder what I was doing?



People often wonder why they’re angry.. Some have good reasons others don’t. Here are some interesting truths in the form of awesome
#quotes about #anger.

Anger is an essential part of being human. People are taught to deny themselves anger, and in this, they are actually opening themselves up to hate.

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of happiness.

Anger can transform you from being a friend to a foe.

It’s simple to say you forgave somebody but reality is you will never forgive anybody until you let go of the anger within you…

Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness. It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt.

If you Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.

There are those who forgive and forget, and there are those who forgive and do not forget, but there are those who never forgive and never forget.

Life is worth living, live it with passion, grab all opportunities. Do away with anger as anger is poison, it will eat away your very essential. Do away with fear, fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet. Cherish them.

Once you start ignoring your enemies they will be disappointed because they will no longer have the POWER to make you angry or miserable.

You are responsible for how you feel no matter what someone does to you, so choose to feel confident rather than angry and insecure.

You give people power when you let them get you angry. So don’t.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

There are a lot more interesting facts about anger both scientifically, philosophically and metaphorically speaking.

Stay informed and stay positive!

More Saturday Afternoon Thoughts.


Welcome to the Gutenberg Editor

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. This whole post is composed of pieces of content—somewhat similar to LEGO bricks—that you can move around and interact with. Move your cursor around and you’ll notice the different blocks light up with outlines and arrows. Press the arrows to reposition blocks quickly, without fearing about losing things in the process of copying and pasting.

What you are reading now is a text block the most basic block of all. The text block has its own controls to be moved freely around the post…

… like this one, which is right aligned.

Headings are separate blocks as well, which helps with the outline and organization of your content.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Handling images and media with the utmost care is a primary focus of the new editor. Hopefully, you’ll find aspects of adding captions or going full-width with your pictures much easier and robust than before.

Beautiful landscape
If your theme supports it, you’ll see the “wide” button on the image toolbar. Give it a try.

Try selecting and removing or editing the caption, now you don’t have to be careful about selecting the image or other text by mistake and ruining the presentation.

The Inserter Tool

Imagine everything that WordPress can do is available to you quickly and in the same place on the interface. No need to figure out HTML tags, classes, or remember complicated shortcode syntax. That’s the spirit behind the inserter—the (+) button you’ll see around the editor—which allows you to browse all available content blocks and add them into your post. Plugins and themes are able to register their own, opening up all sort of possibilities for rich editing and publishing.

Go give it a try, you may discover things WordPress can already add into your posts that you didn’t know about. Here’s a short list of what you can currently find there:

  • Text & Headings
  • Images & Videos
  • Galleries
  • Embeds, like YouTube, Tweets, or other WordPress posts.
  • Layout blocks, like Buttons, Hero Images, Separators, etc.
  • And Lists like this one of course 🙂

Visual Editing

A huge benefit of blocks is that you can edit them in place and manipulate your content directly. Instead of having fields for editing things like the source of a quote, or the text of a button, you can directly change the content. Try editing the following quote:

The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.

Matt Mullenweg, 2017

The information corresponding to the source of the quote is a separate text field, similar to captions under images, so the structure of the quote is protected even if you select, modify, or remove the source. It’s always easy to add it back.

Blocks can be anything you need. For instance, you may want to add a subdued quote as part of the composition of your text, or you may prefer to display a giant stylized one. All of these options are available in the inserter.

You can change the amount of columns in your galleries by dragging a slider in the block inspector in the sidebar.

Media Rich

If you combine the new wide and full-wide alignments with galleries, you can create a very media rich layout, very quickly:

Accessibility is important — don’t forget image alt attribute

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.

The above is a gallery with just two images. It’s an easier way to create visually appealing layouts, without having to deal with floats. You can also easily convert the gallery back to individual images again, by using the block switcher.

Any block can opt into these alignments. The embed block has them also, and is responsive out of the box:

You can build any block you like, static or dynamic, decorative or plain. Here’s a pullquote block:

Code is Poetry

The WordPress community

If you want to learn more about how to build additional blocks, or if you are interested in helping with the project, head over to the GitHub repository.

Thanks for testing Gutenberg!


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Music Reviews Coming Soon!

Listen to New Music by Linda Dawkins

As most of you know, I have a lot of interests which include writing music reviews and promoting new and upcoming recording artists and their talent.

Not only is writing music reviews but I produce my own music too. I’m a Disc Jockey, or DJ as well. Why? Because music is my first love, blogging is my second love.



Number One Music

I joined Number One Music during the first quarter of 2018, I uploaded three of my early tracks, (the first one was a beat that I purchased from another producer, (Beatsbylekz Productions ). The other two were creations of my own. I’ll tell you how I made these two songs but for right now. Which have over 1 million views?

I would like to tell you how and why I chose music as my first love and why no matter what I do, I keep making music and sharing music. I always say that Stevie Wonder said it best when he sang in his hit single Jam Master, ” Music is a world within itself, it’s a language we all understand. With an equal opportunity, for all to sing, dance and clap their hands.”

Yes, music is magical and it keeps people going.

My dad loved to sing and dance had his own band, traveled all over, especially to the UK, Spain, and Canada, I think I got half of my ambition from him!

I come from a musical family. Jamaican reggae, blues, and jazz on my father’s side and on my mother’s Guyanese side, Calypso, Soca, rock, soul, and RnB background.

My mom. She sang opera, the daughter of Chief Inspector Clifton Wills, and Maise Blossom. She was a fighter… I mean literally… It was like she knew some type of martial arts. Love her tenacity!

My parents made sure my siblings and I were musically active at home as well as at school. They encouraged us to compete in talent shows and such. Showing us how to be on stage. Whether they were dancing, singing or instrumental recitals. We were in it or we did it.

As time went Circumstances caused me to divert from that role of the entertainment industry to raise a family instead.

30 Year’s later, I have come full circle to realize that if I would have doesn’t even count here. I’m Baaaack! So besides writing, I also make music. I play the piano, I’m not really that good but I Can play anything I hear, a skill most musicians pride themselves with.

With the advancing use of today’s App technology, you don’t have to have any particular skills to make good music. You only need to love what you’re doing to create the perfect groovy beats and sounds to dance to or to rap to. Even to make music videos too.

Anyway, on November 17th, 2018, I started a station Linda Dawkins 1 Radio on Sound Cloud. Where you can listen to all of the music from new artists who have entrusted their music to me, in order to promote their efforts simultaneously.

Linda Dawkins 1 Radio on SoundCloud

Myself included, as you will see when you visit the station. The very first song is mine… Called No Problems after that, it’s a glorious mix of a variety of music. “A world within itself”. Check it out at the link above!

But That wasn’t where I stopped. I began to research other Apps from which I can enjoy the full experience of music making without having access to a studio and studio equipment.

Enter Music Maker Jam MMJ for short. I stumbled across it while browsing my Google Play Store.

I wrote about my early experiences with that app a few weeks ago. I was doing an App review. You can find that here on this blog.

There, I created 20 re-mixes in my first week using the app.

Re-mixing music snippets from several different songs to create something new.
Music created by me using automatic pre-set music. This is the basis of remixing.

“Baby” by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

Here’s another one.

The Human Race Game is a game that I have in development, I want to use this as the theme song for leveling. Up. However, I am open to whatever… I didn’t stop there.

The Human Race Game- Boss Fight By Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

Then there’s this one too, one of my favorites and voted favorite out of my collections, from my Jam Community peers. I know it’s favorite because of the number of comments that I received called Day Dream.

Day Dream is a megamix, my first attempt at mixing seven songs into one, to create this new song.

Day Dream By Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

There are 17 more songs all of them mixes or remixes. And I’m not done yet…

My reasons for producing music and promoting music were explained in the beginning. The purpose of this article is to inform my readers, that I will be writing music reviews again.

I will also be making music of my own.

Here is the complete list of musical projects that I have created within the Jam Community Platform and Playground.

Mavera Remix by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

Bullet-Solid Maybe Squad by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

Good Vibes Only Remix by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

Confused by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

As with most music that remixes are made from I must state that I do not own the rights to the music that I created on the Jam Community forum. The only stipulation is if the music that I used is Royalty Free. Then that’s a different story and I haven’t bought any Royalty Free music as of yet.

Here are some more!

Deep Talk Remix by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

Mega Remix SMS by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

When I See You by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

Sorry Not Sorry Getting Perspective by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

Solid Maybe Squad Mega Mix by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

Let Go Remix Solid Maybe Squad by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

Solid Maybe Squad White Boi Remix by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

You Quit First by Linda DawkinsLMC a Jam Community Production

This one was my third attempt at combining the genres dubstep and trance. I think it came out pretty good! music.

The following track was the first time remixing various sounds and experimenting with the Music Maker Jam App its many options and support from its awesome talented member producers and aspiring DJ’s and future stars of the recording industry. Myself included.

Jam X RL GRIME One Remix 1 by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

DAB BLZZ by Linda Dawkins a Jam Community Production

This one was my very first try at using the MMJ app last October I called DAB BLZZ, Its the anagram of the names of each of my grandchildren’s first initials. Jaleeyah, Kenji, Davion, Alejandra, Byron, Bremont, Leon, Zai’er and Zaylee.

Yes, grandchildren…

That just goes to show that it’s not only young folks that enjoy creating awesome content, but old folks can do it too!

I’m just hoping that they, (my grandbabies), will grow up to want to carry granny’s mantel and have a desire to go the distance like I’m going too.

How I Began Writing Professional Music Reviews

In 2015, I was approached on Twitter by Randy Morano, (founder), who was in need of a writer that can review hip-hop and rap music and that lived in the United States.

I was looking for a legitimate online writing gig and I got what I was looking for. He sent me an example, advised me to write no less than 300 words and it was great from there. I was given many assignments. Some single tracks, some albums and was getting paid $5 per review.

That was great! The reviews were coming in as fast as I completed them. At first, I was writing several hundred words per review, depending on the contents of the song and how much research I had to do in order to gather as much information on the artist that I can.

It was great to work But then suddenly the reviews slowed down and I wasn’t getting as many as I expected. Probably because I began to get lazy. Writing exactly 300 words in Some reviews and in others, a lot more.

Bottom line, I wasn’t consistent with my work ethics and made lots of typographical errors. It’s alright though because I have written a lot of reviews, so many that Although I am presently not physically writing for Exposed Vocals. I have done plenty of work in which I am still listed as a CEO of MiGorda Entertainment Editorial Services for a company that I am still in the process of developing. But I need writers and money to pay them with.

Exposedvocals.com Features Meet The Team

Exposed Vocals on Zoom into.com

Join Exposed Vocals

Some of my Exposed Vocals music reviews even got reviewed!!! MDNGHT Music Review on Radikal Records News

Here are a few of my Exposed Vocals Music Reviews.

Watch Your Words by Absoloot Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

0 To 100 by Twizzmatic Exposed Vocals Music Review

I’m Still Smokin by Karosyrup Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Dreamin by SnakeTae Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

I Cry by teeJAH PRAYze Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Can’t Stop My Love by D-Prostylez Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

My Recipe by Decypher Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Precious Love by Shavar Stucky Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Valentine’s Day Mixtape, Desert Rain Productions by Zoned In Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Honesty by 3rdTwin Exposed Vocals Music Review

On My Way by C.G. CEO of HILLTOP RECORDS FT. LON MYNX Exposed Vocals Music Review

Sipping On Patron by John$on Exposed Vocals Music Review

Hot Line Bling by Trudy Exposed Vocals Music Review

Something Crazy by Smoove Steve Music Review

I Got A Promotion by Wordsmith Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Can I get Paid by Redd Reddy Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Disconnect by Nieko Nicole Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Proving Grounds by Marcus P Exposed Vocals Album Review

Nothing Less Than The Best by BackDoe Money Exposed Vocals Music Review

They Don’t Like Me by Tha Jeweler Exposed Vocals Music Review

Top Notch by Young Swag Prod. by The Programmer Exposed Vocals Music Review

Strange Things by Revolution Zo Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

B.A.E. by Calimar White Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Movie by 410 Reality Exposed Vocals Music Review

Made It Out Alive by Prince Haiti Music Review

Baby by SlimDJim Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Believe In Me by G.O. FT. Amandi Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

Fantasy Girl by Yung Kaii Exposed Vocals Music Review Plus Exclusive Interview

SuperStar by Dalor Exposed Vocals Music Review

Friday by Calimar White Produced by Trac Solution Beatz Exposed Vocals Music Review

Cold As Ice by Rowdy T North London Exposed Vocals Music Review

Heartland by Miss Mission Exposed Vocals Music Review

Palms by Scoop The MC Exposed Vocals Music Review

Well, that about wraps up the work that I have completed as a staff member of Exposed Vocals.

I have actually say that my reviewer skills have definitely improved since these.

I will be writing More music reviews. I have been working on building a pretty extensive client list on my Facebook page Linda Dawkins: Underground, Unsigned & Unheard Music Reviews. There, new recording artists, all genre types share their new music and get support from their peers.

I would like to encourage any new recording artist to leave the link to your music in the comment section below and I can give you some constructive feedback!

If you’ve enjoyed this article, please be sure to leave a comment, I am always happy to respond to the inquisitive!

Thank you for visiting my blog!


New Music Making App Music Review

Solid Maybe Squad sounds like a killer music group, but it’s sole creator, now other than myself, is looking to change the name.

I recently became a member of Music Maker Jam MMJ for short and was very excited as to the navigational capabilities of the app. I am even more proud of the music that I am presently able to produce using the app and socializing with the many thousands of aspiring musicians, young and old, that are very pleased with using it.

Check out ‘Bullet’ Solid Maybe Squad by Linda DawkinsLMC


This is only one of the 20 tracks that I was able to create using MMJ’s various demos available to use for free.

I can definitely recommend Music Maker Jam to any artist. The tutorial is simple and you can earn credits that you can use to buy beats and sounds to add to you remixology library by completing them.

Keep in mind!

There are rules to follow in everything, you cannot use the commercial property of artists without giving them credit for their work. Such as royalties. MMJ makes sure that those boundaries are not crossed with particular measures in place that notify users of this stipulation, each time a song is produced in the platform before its release to the public. Giving users the unique opportunity to properly label their re-makes. Awesome Right?

I know, I know, I’m smiling ear to ear right now. It’s free to join and did I mention The Community?

It’s an Awesome, Extremely Supportive and Responsive Playground. Your music production does Not go unrecognized! People Actually listen to your music. Interaction is simple. As with all social media, the sharing of personal information is strictly ill-advised. Unless you already know the particulars of the person you are sharing your information with. In any case, I advise against it.

Before I end this brief article, I would like to share one more song that I created using Music Maker Jam.

Deep Talk Remix by Linda Dawkins

I Do hope that if you’re into making music or that if you enjoy creating music and if you having adjusted to the ever-changing times, that you would consider downloading and taking full advantage of what Music Maker Jam has to offer!

That note, thanks for reading, have an excellent musical week ahead!


History In The Making-

I’m angry. I wasn’t certain whether or not I should post this article, so I just thought “To Hell With It, it’s a Free Country”…

I guess like most people in the United States are presently at odds with our apparent leader/Chief Executive Officer A. K. A. Mr. President Donald Trump. He calls himself The Donald.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately you’re probably a bit embarrassed about some or a lot of the things that he has been suspected of partaking in.

One of my issues with Trump is that he has a problem with The Media. The News in particular. I think that the news has more credibility than he does, and that’s probably one of the reasons that he is going after them so hard.

Every chance he gets, he’s slandering MSNBC or other popular news station networks, with his wartime cry of ‘Fake News‘. It becomes apparent that Trump is intent on silencing the media reverting the US into what it seems to be back into the “regression of slavery” once again.

Knowledge is power and in knowing we become aware of issues that drastically affect us. When people are aware, they can make choices. Google Search Engines give us THAT CHOICE (of knowledge), freely and if those options to acquire “information ” is “inaccessible”, then “Those Options” become unobtainable thereby causing “ignorance of facts”.

We are now in the middle of a crisis that it seems will lead to none peaceful measures taken by those in disagreement. (I just say, there needs to be an agreement somewhere). Beginning with the Truth being told PERIOD. FROM THE BEGINNING, THAT INCLUDES THE HISTORY of the USA.

So the people are not blinded by bullies and bullshit. The best thing Is to do our own research and make the decision for ourselves, (War cannot always be the answer).

A simple Google search will tell you that. It gives us answers… If its bad news we are hearing, that bad news is USUALLY is the truth. The truth is “Hard on the ears of the guilty… but to those we seek justice, will find comfort in it, ( the truth.) ”

Every day there is something different and upsetting. I only hope that our country won’t suffer in the long-term.


Live Your Best Life And Learn

What are you doing with your life right now as your living it? Are you spending it watching the lives of other people? Or are you living your best life and learning to enjoy and love it?

How much do you know about yourself? If not, here are some great tips on getting that ball rolling and to get you motivated and on the right track to living your best life and learning.

A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent in getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.

Great victory can follow a shocking defeat if there is positive persistence in the pursuance. Never say never. Keep the hope alive.

Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway. You can’t live your best life stuck in indecisiveness. You can’t live your best life straddling the fence.

You cannot milk a cow with your hands in your pockets. The action is Key…

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for…

You have skills, use them. You have dreams, live them.

Live each day like it’s your last…one day you’ll be right. People take for granted that they only live once. (YOLO), and that our time is Very precious… I can’t stress that enough.

People also waste time trying to add life to their days, not days to their lives.

Life is an opportunity, that you should be benefiting from. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. Don’t let fear make the decisions for you. Because Life is like a game without the pause button.

Don’t wish for it, work for it.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible. Just because somethings don’t work out at first or on the first try doesn’t mean that it won’t work. Success usually follows several meaningful attempts at failure. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. Think positive thoughts.

You know life is worth the struggle when you look back and realize what you have now is way better than what you had before.

Be Grateful

You can always be happy living your best life when you decide to be grateful for your life. Be thankful for the tiny details in your life, there will be room for bigger more beautiful blessings.

Be thankful for everything in life from the positive to the negative. You may not have everything you desire but be thankful for everything you have. Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. When some things go wrong, take a moment to be thankful for the many more things that are still going right.

When you are thankful for what you have, you are always rewarded with more.


The Power Of Positivity & Passion

No one is born with Positive Passion. But Everyone can use it when they realize that its an option rather than naught.

This Power is ignited by Inspiration. You have probably heard that It’s difficult for positive inspiration to breath and survive in a complicated mind. It’s true.

Check out these really awesome quotes by some truly wonderful, inspiring and positive people from our history both alive and long gone. Their messages of positive echoes through time repeating to hopeful listeners that positivity has power. Even knowing the importance of having a positive attitude and trying to stay positive. Miracles happen when we’re exercising this gift.

Yes, positivity is a gift. Not everyone uses it but everyone can… if they so choose access and use positivity to change the outcomes of some awful dire circumstances. Let’s read what people throughout history’s past and today’s present have to say about The Power of Positivity and Passion.

If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.

-Pat Riley

When you think positive, good things happen.-Matt Kemp

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.-Zig Ziglar

Thoughts Become Things… Choose The Good Ones!-Mike Dooley

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.-Lyndon B. Johnson

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses-Abraham Lincoln

Work hard, stay positive, and get up early. It’s the best part of the day.-George Allen, Sr.

Every positive value has its price in negative terms… the genius of Einstein leads to Hiroshima.-Pablo Picasso

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.-Michael Jordan

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.-Shiv Khera

A President cannot always be popular.-Harry S Truman

The thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.-Lee Iacocca

The most important thing is to stay positive.-Saku Koivu

Why is it so important to remain positive?

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.

People tend to seek medical attention when feeling at odds with the world and their circumstances when sometimes all it takes is a little sunshine to brighten the day. Meaning (your smile).

Positive energy is attracted to positive energy. You should always surround yourself with positive, successful people.,

You have heard; “You are what you eat” and the old adage that goes, “Birds of a feather… “?

Well, the same goes for what you believe and how you feel along with the type of people that you hang out or around with.

If you’re tired or frustrated with the way things are going on in your life, you might see things differently than you would normally expect.

You won’t have a positive life if you have a negative mind. Change your perspective.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.

How you think about a problem is more important than the problem itself. So always think positively.

Hope is the foundation of Positive Passion

H.O.P.E: Have Only Positive Expectations.

When life gives you every reason to be negative, think of all the reasons to be positive. There’s always someone who has it worse.

Think positive, because thoughts are like the steering wheel that moves our life in the right direction.

Somewhere between heartaches and waiting comes another chance to be found by someone who can show you that you don’t deserve to be just an option but a choice.


Permanently Joining WordPress And I’m Glad I Did!

Hey you guys, Last week I downloaded… AGAIN the WordPress App from the Google Play store and my oh my am I happy that I did! I created my website and started blogging on it. Working on my fourth and fifth article, (almost ready to publish).

If content Is key then writing is the door.

I wanted to create a Free website that I had more “control” over. My previous website for That’sLoveForYou, became unsupported because I couldn’t afford to pay my membership dues for Wealthy Affiliates. It’s a cool program that I was fortunate and temporarily had a premium membership status with.

It taught me how to blog successfully, become a wise affiliate marketer and how to build a monetized website from scratch.

However, keeping up with those monthly fees eventually became a problem. Don’t misunderstand, Wealthy Affiliate is a Great Program, especially for beginners but if you are not able to keep up with your monthly dues, or for whatever reasons that may arise, then obviously it’s not the right learning atmosphere.

So I’m just going to be walking you through the steps that I’m taking to make things better for me. They may very well work for you too.

The problem for me is, I do not have a steady income. This is probably everyone’s problem. This is just how I’m taking certain steps to remedy my situation.

Why? Because I love to write and NOW, thanks to Wealthy Affiliates Network and the precious and extremely valuable skills, or plainly put, what I learned from those months that I spent learning on that platform. I can say that now I am familiar with building monetized websites and blogging.

Why I Quit While I Was Ahead?

When I was notified that my previous website was being closed for nonpayment of membership dues. I just let it shut down. I realized that that wasn’t the first time that that happened. In fact, it was like that happened every other month or so. I was lucky to be online for three consecutive months let alone on an educational platform such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyway, after I received the automatic notification letting me know that my websites server was being shut down, of course, I got nervous, angry and upset that all the hard work that I put in was about to disappear in a few days. I had two choices.

1. Find the $49 to pay Wealthy Affiliated, then I can pick up where I left off.


2. Let it shut down, start from scratch from s free platform, purchase my domain and upgrade later when I can afford it.

Obviously, I choose the 2nd option. You can tell because my website link still has the hyper-link WordPress-dot-com, (http://www.thatsloveforyou. wordpress.com).

Whenever I decide to purchase my domain (same thing as an upgrade), most likely really soon. For right now content is key.

Moving forward…

After the inevitable closure of my website, I then process to wait a few weeks.

Starting from scratch, I began to rebuild that very same website using WordPress… Adding content but this time around everything is different.

Right now it’s a Free site… Much like thousands of sights. However, I want to be able to make money with this one.

The ability to monetize a website only comes to upgraded websites that own their domains, and have a particular amount of organic visitors that visit and leave their web-trails, (you can probably imagine what I mean by that), but for those who Don’t know. It’s called Cookies. You can find out about that and how the Internet uses Cookies along with Analytics to gather specific information on web-surfers or people who use the Internet.

The purpose for gathering this information from visitors range from gathering numerical statistical data on to gathering specific demo-graphical information, for various purposes, with sales and educational purposes are the number in the billions and are the majority.

Don’t REALLY have to know what You Want To Do, just have to do something…

One thing I learned that stuck with me was that success eventually comes once I take action.

In the meantime, creating quality content was my main focus and apparently, I can make that happen on WordPress.

Once I figured out that I really don’t need to concern myself with how I’m going to monetize this site right now because It still needs work. At least I know EXACTLY what to do and what Not to do.

Take for instance the need for affiliate links on my site is where the money will come from

Purchasing my domain is a sooner priority rather than later.

Having the merchants doing b2b with me is another thing to consider.

See Alibaba. Com

The right merchants meaning that whatever links to whatever products and services that will be displaying on your website… on my website with the condition that in the future, what I write… What You write about will relate, (in some way), to the content on your website and this website.

So in other words, everything should relate to what you are trying to sell.

Yes… Sales and marketing are how bloggers make their money.

If content Is key then writing is the door.

In some fashion or form… That includes product and service reviews. While all of the topics covered and written about should relate in some way to my niche.

In this case, it’s everything to do with Love including those bad habits and How to accept and adjust to the loss. Which is a direct effect of love?

In some cases, I consider myself a professional especially when it comes to losing. When I lost my first That’s Love For You website, I didn’t give up even though that was an option and I’m no quitter.


When it comes to ‘Love’, I’ve got a full dose of knowledge I would like to share.

Not everyone can handle loss, and having a little bit knowledge is more than helpful. Knowing where to look? Even better and its importance is undervalued even more so, it definitely makes you powerful.

In that when we could have given up that quest on building ‘the best site ever’, yet who are determined to do it on their own and press forward.

When it comes to smart moves, WordPress has a full dose of that knowledge.

I’m confident that the creators love to share that too.

So what’s the bottom line?

I love WordPress because it just works…

•I can save lots of money.

•I can learn as I go, (if I was a newbie).

•Everything is simple and easy to follow.

•It Free, the various theme and Landscape options are perfect.

•There’s an option to upgrade, (to a paid account), better opportunity to monetize my site.

Why is monetization necessary?

People have always wanted to make things easier for themselves. It has been apparent that it’s the only way to multitask. Which is obviously how all the boss players are experiencing their successfulness online.

If you haven’t heard the phrase “Content Is Key. ” then you will… Guess what? Monetization is the damned lock.

Your priority SHOULD be to dish out as much original created content as possible.

Of course, I’m recommending WordPress… Duh…

Write and publish As much as you can. As often as you can, (try a schedule like ). Because it is what you post to your websites, whether or not you are providing a service or selling a product displayed on your site. It has to be an attractive storefront. Upgrade later on… Simple.

Any business, (that’s organized, that’s successful and has its back office in complete order, would be successful because their Merchandise is Presented at their place of business Attractively… (Promotions)…

If people like what they see, they’ll stop to make a purchase or make efforts to buy.

Most of the time, consumers either kind of know what they want or already have a generally solid idea of what they want.

It’s The Same thing with monetized websites

If your intention is to display merchant links on your website or display advertising like the pros, then your content should be helpful, interesting, spectacular, meaningful, valuable, up-to-date, recent and trendy to your readers…

Those merchants, on the other hand, are looking for how many unique visitors, who will actually click the link and buy. They judge you based on what they’re reading.

How is your blog?

Is your content helpful and interesting?

Is your website monetized yet?

What do you like to write about?

Did you/Do you have trouble selecting your niche?

Thanks for taking the time out for reading this blog post. It is my hope that the information I write about to be as helpful as possible. If you have any questions on anything or business that I mention, including how to join or about my experience there please feel free to ask in the comments below.


The Betrayal: A Short Story by Linda Dawkins

Sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for, are the ones behind the trigger.

The Betrayal A Short Story Written by Linda Dawkins

As I sit looking at the dingey gray walls surrounding the motel room I rented out. I imagined that it was a prison or pit that I found myself in. Unable to come to terms with what happened over the past few years. Contemplating my next move. For now, it was quiet… Peace and quite.

Time and again I allowed myself to forgive the ever growing list of violations that occurred in those early days. I always told myself that the best revenge is to be happy. So I pretended to be happy be putting a smile on my face when all the while I was dying inside. How could I be in this type of shit?

A few months ago we were happy, chilling… Not a care in the world. Looking towards the future. I thought that I could never experience love to that extent. Perhaps this could all only be happening in a dream.

Thinking to myself, ” I’m always testing boundaries. ” Even after being warned by my older brother and father and after their repeated attempts to detour my intents to marry. We went ahead with. Quick, small with three witnesses. At the time I was thinking that I could always get a divorce later on down the line if it doesn’t work out. After all, being married to a man 20 years my younger? That’s a cougars nightmare.

Time and again I defended the fact that he was mature enough to handle a committed relationship when all the while I was only fooling myself.

The trouble started lingering before the marriage of course. When I was informed that my then fiancé had some sort of weird crush on my then 17 year old daughter.

He assured me and I suppose everyone else that knew about it that wasn’t the case. After all, “How could I even think like that? ” he says.

I should have taken it all in and gave up then. But as time passed I slowly realized that People never change… They just become more of who they really were and knowing this sucks big time.

Imagine the disappointment I felt when I was blatantly told, with as much vulgar cruelty that you aren’t your husbands wife.

Imagine coming face 2 face with your nemesis. The person whom you thought loved you actually hated you. Imagine the sudden change in the perspective of the eye… The look of compassion turns to disdain…

You know that look where you Know for certain that the person you once loved, probably Still do, doesn’t love you anymore, bluntly put hates you. You can tell. You can see it in their eyes. That’s The betrayal.

That feeling you get that moment when your best friend becomes your worst enemy.

Please add a comment and share if you enjoyed this short story. I welcome any thoughts, feelings, advice or wisdom that this story may have brought you. Thank you for visiting this website.


Am I Afraid To Get My Heart Broken Again?

Love is scary. But its good too. We have an opportunity to either be absolutely stricken with it or completely broken from it. It can build us up or bring us down if we let it. When we are on good terms with it, we can experience feelings of joy so profound that people have written some really beautiful poetry about it and the lively feelings that come along with experiencing Loves Good Side. But what about the other side of love. You know the side that hurts. We’ve all felt the pains of heartbreak at some point in life. So the feeling is quite common.

Am I Afraid To Get My Heart Broken Again?

“Don’t give up. There are too many nay-sawyers out there who will try to discourage you. Don’t listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself. “

I have heard people say that they gave up on love and won’t even go out anymore because of some really bad experiences. They consider that they are not compatible with whomever they’ve had feelings for. Sometimes you have to go through a broken heart but that doesn’t mean to accept those as an indication that you’ll never be in a serious relationship that you’ll receive an equal amount or more from a future love interest.

Do Others Affect Your Attitude Towards Love?

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you will let the negative words of others affect your attitude towards love. To love someone, not just to love but to love them unconditionally for is a choice that we make from moment to moment and from day to day.

Those who love without restrictions, conditions or debate are well aware that life is short to hate anyone. They choose to forgive easily and often. Even love that someone making them smile often and tries to do everything that makes them happy.

Furthermore, when a person truly loves someone, of course they’d miss them so much when they’re not around but just because someone left, doesn’t mean that happiness is gone. Happiness doesn’t depend on anybody or anything. It actually depends on no one but ourselves.

How Much Do You Love Yourself?

“There are two types of people in the world:

1. Those who wouldn’t mind to be sad with friends family and acquaintances.

2. Those who prefer to be sad alone.

When some people are sad, the tendency to never trust people from what they say, and only trusting them from what they do with this weakness. (Yes, sadness is a weakness). Everyone will experience sadness at some point in there life. If they say they haven’t they have not been truthful with themselves.

The questions here are…

How much do you love Yourself?

Can we really say who made an impact on our lives?

It’s not usually until later when we look back on our lives, years later to see who, in our lives that we can remember that we have completely forgotten.

The beauty of life doesn’t depend on how happy you were but it truly depends on how happy others were because of you.

Ever day Should be one of those good ol’ days you’ll be talking about someday in your future. So you should always do something that would make you smile when you look back on some later date.

You can ask yourself several questions like this and really find the answers you need. Writing the answers down or documenting in a journal will be just as sufficient. Questions like,

How much do you love your friends, church, spouse, boss, children, mother, father, parents, sister, brother, music, school even grandchildren?

All have answers. Everyone’s answers should be very different. Some people won’t fit in these categories but if you’re truthful with yourself, you can still place yourself into these categories and answer how would like see yourself if you were in these states of being.

The heart is more powerful than any other body part when it comes to being able to handle heart break. It may be delicate and age over time but it has the strength to bare our emotion burdens and the emotional burdens of many others, yet remain intact. What ever you do, don’t let your mind rule over your heart.

If you enjoyed this read, please share your comments below. I welcome any comments or questions Thank you for visiting my blog.

By Linda Dawkins